Do you need some nail art inspiration? We have some really cheeky ideas to help you get started.

  • Striping tape nail art looks beautiful and girly. It's important to make the lines look sharp, straight and clean. To create striping tape nail art, you will need striping tape, three nail colours and top coat. Start with a white coat as base, and choose an accent nail colour to apply. Black striping tape on a white base will look exquisite. But this isn't enough. Splash a coat of the three colours on a damp sponge. Dab the sponge on a piece of paper and then on to your nails. When the nail polish seems to have dried, remove the tape carefully using tweezers. Then again apply a top coat to highlight the design. And you are done. It's time to tidy up the stray polish on your fingers, and the shiny, metallic results will be clearly apparent.
  • Zig zag nail art is a hot favourite with the young girls of today. However, it does take some patience to get this done, as it involves using tape two times. In order to do so, you must first ensure that the layers of polish are completely dry. If you can use nail polish that cover in one coat, it will speed up things. Pick three colours to get started! Apply a coat of base colour. Allow it to dry completely. Take some tape and cut it into a zig zag pattern and then place it over half of your nails. Apply a coat of the second polish and remove the tape before the polish dries. Wait for the second coat of nail paint to dry before applying topcoat. That's it; you have a charming zig zag nail art on your nails.
  • Fish tail nails are quite a popular form of nail art these days. These look stunning as an accent. It's quite simple to apply fish tail nail art. Paint your nails with the lightest base colour, such as white. Paint a diagonal line in one direction with another colour and another one with the third colour in different direction. Paint another diagonal line with your base colour, slightly lower from the first line in the same direction. Follow this up in the different direction with the second colour. The nail art will start taking a creative shape soon if you continue to repeat the entire process until you have covered all your nails. Once your nails have dried, apply a top coat. You are done with your fish tail manicure. It certainly looks creative!
By Mitesh Soma


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