When a client visits you for a great haircut, they expect you to make them feel fantastic with the end result. A particular hair style can suit one person perfectly, yet be unsuitable for another because of face shape. As a professional hairdresser, you are expected to guide your client through the hairstyling options that will complement their face shape the most.


Round – The key to a great hair cut for a round face shape lies in a hairstyle that deflects the roundness of your face – with the hair length and height balancing out the face's roundness, hiding a round forehead, and flattering a round face shape. Going too wide or high won't look good on a round face, making it appear out of proportion.

Oval – The most versatile of all face shapes, oval suits most styles and pull off a centre part. Adding layers that highlight the chin and cheekbones is a perfect hairstyle for an oval shape. To give your clients with an oval face shape somewhat edgy looks, a mid-length bob or a blunt cut fringe will be more than flattering.

Square – For clients with long hair and square face shape, it would be best to keep the hair thin to make the face appear longer. If the hair is short, a bob cut will look great. This is a great hair length for square face shapes. If your client wants to play down their square face shape, the key lies in adding softness, with soft long layers ending around the jawline and curls.

Heart-Shaped – For clients with triangular or heart-shaped face, a widow's peak hairline will compliment the face shape. However, for those clients who want to disguise their window's peak, you can help them by using a fringe with longer sides.


Oval – An oval face shape compliments almost all styles. However, the best style is to avoid a long fringe, which may make the face look rounder. Keep hair length short enough to highlight the prominent facial features for a strong look.

Round – Clients with a round face prefer to highlight their angular features. You can do so by highlighting an off centre part and hair, which are higher. You may also give them a sharp fringe to underline the roundness of the face.

Long – Men with long face shape look best with short hair on the sides, which helps in preventing the face from looking longer.

Square – The best style for a square shaped face is short hair on sides with height on the top. Such a shape is defined by its strong cheekbones, jaw line and width.

By Mitesh Soma


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