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BarbersClippers and trimmers

JAGUAR CM 2000 Clipper

Jaguar CM 2000 Clipper Coral The sleek and stylish Jaguar CM 2000 Clipper is a professional mains-operated model, equipped with a powerful, extremely low-noise, bipolar swing motor. The precision cutting...
Jaguar TCC The CareCut Jaguar TCC The CareCut
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Jaguar TCC The CareCut

The Jaguar TCC The CareCut features electrically heated blades designed to revolutionise your hair cutting. These hot scissors gently seal the tip of each hair as you cut, locking in moisture, nutrients...
Jaguar JCut 60 Li Clipper Jaguar JCut 60 Li Clipper
BarbersClippers and trimmers

Jaguar JCut 60 Li Clipper

Jaguar JCut 60 Li Clipper, professional hair clipper equipped with a powerful motor, battery and mains operation with up to 7000 revolutions per minute; powerful, low-vibration and running time of...