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Nail & Cuticle CareTweezers

Cuticle Nipper Box Lock Stainless Steel

Stainless steel box lock cuticle nipper from Hive of Beauty.
Eyebrow and EyelashesEyebrow and Eyelashes Accessories

Epilation OC Tweezer

Hive Of Beauty Epilation OC Electrolysis Precision Eyebrow Treatment Tweezer. This Epilation OC Tweezer is designed to provide accurate hair removal results. Handcrafted in Italy from the finest quality stainless...

Automatic Tweezer

100% Authentic And Original Not Counterfeit., Brand New in Retail Packaging., Thisstainless steel Automatic Tweezer is designed to provide quick & accuratehair removal results., The precise angled tip is excellent...

Calibrated Measuring Beakers (12) 30ml

A range designed for ease of use in a variety of salon treatments. Size: 30ml
Long Point Tweezer by The Edge - Beauty

Long Point Tweezer by The Edge

Bright tweezers with long pointed tips, perfect for when you need finesse and accuracy. Please note, you may receive a pink or purple pair.
Glamtech Twin Tweeze Tweezers - Beauty

Glamtech Twin Tweeze Tweezers

The simple ideas can be the best. The new TWIN TWEEZE from Glamtech is a double ended tweezer. Powerful plucking from the slanted end and pinpoint precision from the pointed...