A reputed name in the haircare and hairdressing industry, Procare manufactures top-quality hair foils and dispensing systems. The company is the number one trusted brand in hair foil.

Whether you are looking for hair foils or dispensers, look no further than Procare. Salon Supplies Direct stocks hair supplies from Procare at great prices, suiting all budgets.

Procure products are used by salons and coloring houses all over the world. Their high-quality dispensers save time and wastage and are ideal for use in salons.

Procure dispensers are efficient at cutting and folding foil seamlessly. Just touch the button and the unique system will start working.

Salon Supplies Direct is happy to bring you quality salon supplies at remarkable prices. Check our huge range of hairdressing foils from Procare and get your hands on the best items in the market. You will never regret having made a purchase with us.

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Meches & FoilsProcare

Procare Essential Foil 1000m

1000m The largest foil you will ever need. Suitable for Hair Salons and professionals Sent by courier due to weight This is also the most cost effective way of buying...
Procare Premium Foil 1000m - Hair
Meches & FoilsProcare

Procare Premium Foil 1000m

This is also the most cost effective way of buying your foil so yet another reason to go super-size. As with all the Premium Range this foil is specifically designed...
Procare Premium Foil 100mm x 250m - Hair
Meches & FoilsProcare

Procare Premium Foil 100mm x 250m

Procare foil, silver 100mm x 250m. This is a strong flexible foil which is suitable for all colouring techniques including highlighting. Ideally suited for salon use with the clog dispenser.