At Salon Supplies Direct, we stock the best-branded products in the business, and Kasho is one of them. Renowned for its quality scissors, Kasho is used by hairdressers the world over to create new and exciting hairstyles.

We understand that the top hairdressers need the best tools to create exciting hairstyles. Thus we have a premier range of Kasho Scissors, with an extremely sharp and long-lasting edge. When you hold a pair of Kasho scissors in your hand, you will feel the quality of workmanship put into its design and creation. The scissors are world popular as the best hair cutting tools for hairstylists. Convex-edged scissors from Kasho are highly durable and known for using cutting-edge technology in design and functionality.

Salon Supplies Direct guarantees to offer the branded Kasho hairdressing scissors at the cheapest prices. The Kasho range is the manufacturer's gift for hairstylists who are just starting out or those who are already established in the industry. Irrespective of the price range, all Kasho scissors are equal in quality and precision. Most Kasho scissors integrate a tension adjustable screw that helps in easy readjustment.

So if you are looking for a high-quality scissor for your hairdressing business, start with the best in the industry.

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