Anything clean and beautiful attracts attention at first sight. It's no different with your salon. If your salon is clean and beautifully spruced up, you are more likely to create that first impression on first time clients and convince them to return. Of course you need to give them a great service! So if you think your salon looks tired and drab, it's time to call in the salon designer and refit with our quality salon furniture.


Check if the walls are shabby and tint stained? If so, simply redecorating will make a huge difference. Look for subtle muted shades that are not overpowering. Avoid white and cream and keep away from heavy patterns, which are known to go out of fashion quickly. Not only this, bold patterns can be overpowering and detract from the calming environment of your salon.


Furniture is the first thing your clients will notice. If the chairs are dated or worn, it's better to replace them. A variety of furniture is available at affordable prices, so you do not have to spend a fortune to refurbish your salon. It's best to choose simple, classic furniture styles that will last long and do not look outdated.


Is your flooring broken, strained or chipped? If so, you may want to go for a porcelain tiled floor that won't stain easily. Moreover, porcelain is non-slippery and thus is as functional as it is stylish. You may even choose Amtico style flooring, available in a range of colours and styles. Consult your flooring contractor before going ahead with the purchase.


Change to LED if you have tungsten lighting. Lighting plays a significant role in salon design. Make sure it is even, not fluorescent or cool white. LED will save you money on running costs and can last longer than ordinary lighting lamps that require replacement every six months.


The backwash area should be relaxing and comfortable. Clients love a backwash area which is away from the most active part of the salon. The backwash areas should have comfortable, subdued lighting. It is important to ensure there are no down lights shining in the client's eyes when they are relaxing in the backwash area.


To capture those impulse buying moments, position the retail area in front of the client's eyes. Keep your suppliers stands well lit and well stocked. Plan your retail area properly to reap good rewards.

All in all, you should try to transform your working environment into a sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere for clients.

By Mitesh Soma


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