Good customer service is crucially important to any hairdresser, second only to an excellent hairdressing skillset and experience and is an essential component of customer satisfaction. As a hairdresser, you need to ensure you place the client's needs, demands and expectations first and deliver a great haircut and style.

  • Before beginning, ensure that you speak to your client to fully understand the client's vision and expectation. Try to suggest hairstyles that you think might suit them better but take into consideration any differences that they might want to make to your ideas.
  • Clients may have a number of questions regarding a hair style, so be polite and answer them patiently to make them feel comfortable about any treatment.
  • Never ask your client to wash their own hair before visiting the salon. When a client comes to you, it's understood that as a professional salon, you would be expected to wash their hair using high quality, professional products. Make sure the hair is washed and rinsed properly. You should provide clean, odour-free towels too.
  • However, as a mobile salon, you may service disabled clients who cannot have their hair washed at all. Their health and safety must be a priority and where it is not possible to wash a client's hair, you should simply wet and cut their hair.
  • When discuss hair length with the client, do so before washing. It is best to decide on length whilst the hair is dry because hair stretches when wet. There are some clients who prefer to wash their own hair. However, be polite enough to ask if they need any help in washing.
  • To show your professionalism to your clients, it's always better to sweep the floor for them after a hair wash and cut. This will show your professional and caring side to them. When they think you care, they are more likely to return.

All in all, the key to a successful salon lies in taking care of clients and meeting all of their needs. Going the extra mile with excellent customer service is a guaranteed way to ensure happy clients!

By Mitesh Soma


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