Training staff can be expensive, but if you determine its importance, you will realise that it is indeed invaluable in this period of cut-throat competition. So when it comes to staying ahead of the competition, trained staff members play an important role, helping make or mar your reputation.

When a staff member attends a training course, consider it as an investment. It is better to spend adequate time researching the course that your staff members should attend to ensure it will create a real and measurable benefit to your business.

Consider the following points when choosing a training course:

  • Training is a tool to motivate your salon staff to work hard to improve services and the future success of the salon.
  • Training is a way to reward your staff members for a solid performance. They will see training as an opportunity to further develop their skills to contribute to their self-development as well as that of the salon.
  • Training will make them more confident to take steps to fulfil the style and beauty needs of the clients.


Let your staff know in advance that they are being sent for training. Often staff are curious to know what's in the training for them and why they have been chosen for training. It will be better to make it clear whether they are being rewarded for their performance or being given an opportunity to further their career by learning a new skill set.

It is always better to ask them to take notes of the training course. They can refer to these notes when they return to the salon. It's a great idea to review the notes with the team and share knowledge with them. Create a friendly atmosphere in the salon where everyone can share their knowledge with each other.

By Mitesh Soma


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