In a beauty or hairdressing salon, it's the first experience that counts the most. No client will come back if their first impression aren't good. Give your clients a great first experience and they are almost certain to make another trip to your salon.

  • Try to hold on to your customers by offering them top-class service and making sure they are 100% satisfied with the results all the time.
  • Satisfied and happy customers may even agree to pay more for the excellent service they are getting from you, should you decide to raise prices.
  • Happy customers are your key tools to spread the word about your business. No one would recommend a business if they are unhappy with its services. So make sure your customers are always satisfied and that none of their needs go unnoticed.


Most of your clients visit the salon to not only get a new hairstyle, but also to unwind and relax. So you should try to give them an enjoyable salon experience, which they will think of as a treat. They will be happy to refer your salon to their friends and relatives, considering the special treatment they receive at your salon. The little extras can certainly go a long way in bringing customers back.


Consultation time is the perfect time to get to know a new client visiting your salon. This will help you understand what sort of look or style they expect you to give them. It might even be useful to make a note of their preferences, making sure they do not need to tell you again and again about their expectations. Consultation is the best time to impress them with something they need even before they ask you for it. Personalising the whole experience will ensure your clients return to your salon.


Don't forget to encourage the first-time client to make their next booking in advance in order to avoid disappointment. Be polite and clever to encourage them to return. Ensure you tell them that to maintain results from the treatment, it is important to follow up with an appropriate treatment.


Make a lucrative offer to your client that they cannot refuse. This will help increase the chances of them coming back to you for another service and encourage them to refer your salon to their friends as well, especially if your special offer looks really special to them. Do not ignore repeat customers. Make sure they know you appreciate them for their loyalty and reward them with occasional offers only for them.

Running an efficient salon, with a focus on client satisfaction, is the key to earn and maintain a good reputation in the beauty and hairdressing industry and encourage your clients to come back.

By Mitesh Soma


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