L'Oréal Majimèches is a gentle highlighting cream with a delicate fragrance that lightens hair up to 5 levels without ammonia. That means that you get blonde, but you also get hair that keeps its condition with the softness of silk and beautiful shine.

Applying Majimèches gives a pale, creamy hair colour without the starkness of bleach, which works well in previously tinted hair or for clients who want a more natural look. Salon Supplies Direct has L'Oréal Majimèches at permanently affordable prices so that you can give your customers the best in hair treatment every time.

Development time under heat is 15 minutes. Majimèches is a 2-part system.

Part 1 is the highlight controller cream which comes in 50-ml tubes, while part 2 is the highlight activator cream which comes in 25-gram sachets. Usual mixing ratio is 1-part controller to 2-parts activator (so you need 2 sachets per tube of cream) mixed together with a cream peroxide.

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