L'Oréal's bestselling perm is revitalised and relaunched. Penetrates deeply into the hair and adheres to damaged parts to prevent loss of protein and lipids. Perfect long-lasting texture and shields the hair surface to lock in the hair moisture and give a lasting smoothness.

The Advanced formula has been improved, combining the best from Tonica and Vital in a perm that fortifies hair, gives long-lasting hold, and delivers the soft curls, waves, and volume that the modern woman demands.

At its heart is Ionène G™ which penetrates deep into the hair to protect it against loss of condition. This is coupled with a protecting agent that coats the hair to lock in moisture and leave hair beautifully smooth.

Dulcia Advanced is available in 4 strengths: 0 (natural resistant hair, 1 (natural hair), 2 (sensitised hair), or 3 (very sensitised hair). Each pack contains a 75-ml bottle of perm and a bottle of neutraliser.

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