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Professional Tissues (100) - Beauty

Professional Tissues (100)

All facial tissues are not created equal. In fact, more people choose Kleenex Facial Tissue than any other brand. Kleenex tissue offers superior performance, a premium feel and essential softness. When your employees,...

Cotton Buds Paper Stems (200)

Hive Cotton Buds Paper Stems is an absorbent cotton buds with paper stems. Hygienic & disposable. Hive Of Beauty Salon Accessories Cotton Buds Paper Stem – 200.
Lint-free Nail Wipes (200) 2.25 x 2.25 - Beauty

Lint-free Nail Wipes (200) 2.25" x 2.25"

Essential Lint-Free Nail Wipes from Hive of Beauty help to provide high-quality, professional nail services.The super-absorbent, lint-free wipes expertly remove surface fibres and linting, perfectly prepping the nail plate ahead...

Hive Plastic Make Up Palette

Plastic makeup palette for use in the beauty salon.

Cosmetic Brush Cleaner 150ml

Cosmetis Brush Cleanr from Hive Of Beauty, Solutions Range Specialised Formula designed to cleanse Cosmetic & Make-up Brushes. Comes in a 200ml bottle with press lid.
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Double Black Pencil Sharpener

Hive Double Black Pencil Sharpener.Makeup Pencil Sharpener by Hive.Maintains the hygiene and professional sharpness of your makeup pencils ensuring clear and consistent precision lines.With standard and large sharpeners, this double...
Sectioned make-up Palette - Beauty

Sectioned make-up Palette

White sectioned make-up palette from Hive. Ideal for mixing cosmetics with 10 small wells surrounding 1 central well.