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Mascara Brushes (Disposable x 25)

Hive Mascara Brushes (Disposable x 25).Disposable mascara wands are perfect for a sanitary mascara application. They are also used for separating lashes and brushing unwanted powder out of the eyebrows.
AccessoriesEye make up

Lip Brushes (Disposable x 25)

These Disposable Lip Brushes are designed to provide luscious lipstick applications for use during make-up treatments.
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Eyeliner Brushes (Disposable x 25)

25 pack of Eyeliner Brushes by Hive of Beauty enable the precise application of eyeliner or eyelash tint during professional makeup services. Handy and disposable, these Eyeliner Brushes feature fine...
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NEW Bamboo Mascara Brushes (25)

These bamboo mascara wands are made from sustainable bamboo which are kind to the environment. These disposable mascara wands are great for maintaining a hygienic environment during makeovers, ensuring a...