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  • Hairdressing Salon Etiquettes
    Good customer service is crucially important to any hairdresser, second only to an excellent hairdressing skillset and experience and is an essential component of customer satisfaction. As a hairdresser, you need to ensure you place the client's needs, demands and expectations first and deliver a great haircut and style
  • Hair Styles to Suit Client Face Shape
    When a client visits you for a great haircut, they expect you to make them feel fantastic with the end result. A particular hair style can suit one person perfectly, yet be unsuitable for another because of face shape. As a professional hairdresser, you are expected to guide your client through the hairstyling options that will complement their face shape the most.
  • The Best Celeb Hair Dos of 2013
    What are your favourite celebrity looks of 2013? Who in your eyes will come out on top with the best hair style? 2013 has been a great year for variety in hairstyles. The 1920's hairstyle look has undergone a complete transformation on the high street in 2013.
  • Hair Colouring
    Hair colouring is a popular treatment that every professional hair stylists needs to get right. Here are some hair colour tips to make every hair colour project a success.
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Beauty, Nails & Tanning

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  • Nail Art
    Do you need some nail art inspiration? We have some really cheeky ideas to help you get started.
  • How To Benefit From Your Training Time in the Salon
    Training staff can be expensive, but if you determine its importance, you will realise that it is indeed invaluable in this period of cut-throat competition. So when it comes to staying ahead of the competition, trained staff members play an important role, helping make or mar your reputation.
  • Top 10 Essential Items for Beauty Students
    A beauty student should have some essential beauty items all the time. Here are some of the must-haves for a hairdressing student:
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Professional Guides

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  • Client Satisfaction
    In a beauty or hairdressing salon, it's the first experience that counts the most. No client will come back if their first impression aren't good. Give your clients a great first experience and they are almost certain to make another trip to your salon.
  • Client Safety Skin Allergy Patch Test
    Skin allergy patch test is crucial before starting a hair colouring project with a client. Most people are allergic to ammonia, which is used in many of the hair colouring products. Some hair colouring products claim to be ammonia free or Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) free, but the reality is that they use substitutes of PPD that are even more dangerous and may cause an allergic contact dermatitis with itching and redne...
  • Does Your Salon Need A Renovation
    Anything clean and beautiful attracts attention at first sight. It's no different with your salon. If your salon is clean and beautifully spruced up, you are more likely to create that first impression on first time clients and convince them to return. Of course you need to give them a great service! So if you think your salon looks tired and drab, it's time to call in the salon designer and refit with our quality sa...
  • Tips To Increase Your January Booking Rate
    The beginning of the New Year can be a challenging time for any business, especially since clients have all spent up and expecting a paycheck soon. However, the best way to give a flourishing start to your salon business in the New Year is to start planning and strategizing carefully before the present year ends. Careful planning can make a big difference to your salon business. What's the best way to attract client...
  • Tips To Starting Your Own Beauty Business
    A lot is involved in starting and successfully running your own beauty business. Despite the challenges, it is an extremely rewarding business. Here are a few tips that might help you get started:
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